An absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern browsers

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what is cash?

cash is a small library (8kb) for modern browsers that provides jQuery style syntax to wrap modern Vanilla JS features.

It allows developers to use the jQuery syntax they already know, and utilizes modern browser features to minimize the codebase.

100% feature parity with jQuery isn't a goal, but cash comes helpfully close, covering most day to day use cases.

If your project is a closed environment, or you only support the latest and greatest, this could be fairly helpful.

Browser Support

Chrome 34+, Safari 7+, Firefox 28+, IE9+, Opera 23+, IOS Safari 7+, Android Chrome 34+, Android Browser 4+


  • $()

    $(selector,[context])  => collection
    $(collection)  => self
    $(DOM elements)  => collection
    $(HTML)  => collection

    This is the main selector method for cash. It returns an actionable collection of nodes.

  • $.each

    $.each(collection, callback)  => collection

    Iterates through a collection and calls the callback method on each.

  • $.extend

    $.extend(target,source)  => object

    Extends target object with properties from the source object.

  • $.matches

    $.matches(element, selector)  => boolean

    Checks a selector against an element, returning a boolean value for match.

  • $.parseHTML

    $.parseHTML(htmlString)  => collection

    Returns a collection from an HTML string.

  • $.fn

    $.fn  => cash.prototype

    The main prototype. Adding properties and methods will add it to all collections

  • add

    add(element)   => collection
    add(selector)   => collection

    Returns a new collection with the element added to the end, will accept any amount of arguments and add them all in sequence.

  • addClass

    addClass(className)  => collection

    Adds the className argument to collection elements.

  • append

    append(element)  => collection

    Appends the target element to the first element in the collection.

  • appendTo

    appendTo(element)  => collection

    Adds the first element in a collection to the target element.

  • attr

    attr(attrName)  => AttributeValue
    attr(attrName, attrValue)  => collection

    Without attrValue, returns the attribute value of the first element in the collection. With attrValue, sets the attribute value of each element of the collection.

  • children

    children()  => collection
    children(selector)  => collection

    Without a selector specified, returns a collection of child elements . With a selector, returns child elements that match the selector.

  • clone

    clone()  => collection

    Returns a clone of the collection.

  • closest

    closest()  => collection
    closest(selector)  => collection

    Returns the closest matching selector up the DOM tree.

  • css

    css(property)  => value
    css(property,value)  => collection
    css(object)  => collection

    Returns a CSS property value when just property is supplied. Sets a CSS property when property and value are supplied, and set multiple properties when an object is supplied.

  • data

    data(key)  => value
    data(key,value)  => collection

    Returns data attribute value when key is supplied. Sets data attribute value when both key and value are supplied.

  • each

    each(callback)  => collection

    Iterates over a collection with callback(value, index, array)

  • empty

    empty()  => collection

    Empties an elements interior markup.

  • eq

    eq(index)  => collection

    Returns a collection with the element at index.

  • filter

    filter(function)  => collection

    Returns the collection that results from applying the filter method.

  • find

    find(selector)  => collection

    Returns selector match descendants from the first element in the collection.

  • first

    first()  => collection

    Returns the first element in the collection.

  • get

    get(index)  => domNode

    Returns the element at the index.

  • has

    has(selector)  => boolean

    Returns boolean result of the selector argument against the collection.

  • hasClass

    hasClass(className)  => boolean

    Returns the boolean result of checking if the first element in the collection has the className attribute.

  • height

    height()  => integer

    Returns the height of the element.

  • html

    html()  => HTML Text
    html(HTML)  => HTML Text

    Returns the HTML text of the first element in the collection, sets the HTML if provided.

  • index

    index()  => Integer
    index(element)  => Integer

    Returns the index of the element in its parent if an element or selector isn't provided. Returns index within element or selector if it is.

  • innerHeight

    innerHeight()  => integer

    Returns the height of the element + padding

  • innerWidth

    innerWidth()  => integer

    Returns the width of the element + padding

  • insertAfter

    insertAfter(element)  => collection

    Inserts collection after specified element.

  • insertBefore

    insertBefore(element)  => collection

    Inserts collection before specified element.

  • is

    is(selector)  => boolean

    Returns whether the provided selector matches the first element in the collection.

  • last

    last()  => collection

    Returns last element in the collection.

  • not

    not(selector)  => collection

    Filters collection by false match on selector.

  • off

    off(eventName,eventHandler)  => collection

    Removes event listener from collection elments.

  • on

    on(eventName,eventHandler)  => collection
    on(eventName, delegate, eventHandler)  => collection

    Adds event listener to collection elments. Event is delegated if delegate is supplied.

  • outerHeight

    outerHeight()  => integer
    outerHeight(margin)  => integer

    Returns the outer height of the element. Includes margins if margin is set to true.

  • outerWidth

    outerWidth()  => integer
    outerWidth(margin)  => integer

    Returns the outer width of the element. Includes margins if margin is set to true.

  • parent

    parent()  => collection

    Returns parent element.

  • parents

    parents(selector)  => collection

    Returns recursive parent by selector.

  • prepend

    prepend(element)  => collection

    Prepends element to the first element in collection.

  • prependTo

    prependTo(element)  => collection

    Prepends first element in collection to the element.

  • prepend

    prepend(element)  => collection

    Prepends element to the first element in collection.

  • prop

    prop(property)  => Property value

    Returns property value.

  • ready

    ready(callback)  => collection/span>

    Calls callback method on DOMContentLoaded.

  • remove

    remove()  => collection

    Removes collection elements from the DOM.

  • removeAttr

    removeAttr(attrName)  => collection

    Removes attribute from collection elements

  • removeClass

    removeClass(className)  => collection

    Removes className from collection elements

  • removeData

    removeData(name)  => collection

    Removes data attribute from collection elements

  • serialize

    serialize()  => String

    When called on a form, serializes and returns form data.

  • siblings

    siblings()  => collection

    Returns a collection of sibling elements.

  • text

    text()  => text
    text(textContent)  => collection

    Returns the inner text of the first element in the collection, sets the text if textContent is provided.

  • trigger

    trigger(eventName)  => collection

    Triggers supplied event on elements in collection.

  • val

    val()  => value
    val(value)  => collection

    Returns an inputs value. If value is supplied, sets all inputs in collection's value to the value argument.

  • width

    width()  => integer

    Returns the width of the element.

Cool shit, right?

Now a couple of notes:

I decided to leave out animation. Doing it right, with requestAnimationFrame and batching, would really bloat the lib. Plus, some folks might go the CSS animation route. I recommend using Velocity.js. It's lovely.

I am shooting to support IE9+, but likely will land on IE10+. This is in alpha, so I'm wildly open to suggestion in regards to the future of this project.

If you have to support older browsers, don't use this. I think it almost goes without saying.

I am not trying to replace jQuery. Modern browsers have features that jQuery used to soley provide. However, the syntax, in my opinion, is a little much.

I wrote this library because I like the jQuery syntax, and want to use modern browser features. I want a library that is small and performant, for use on things like mobile only sites that IE8 will never hit.

Maybe someday, I can use it on all my sites...

<sighs and looks off into the horizon>